Top Five ways to promote your business using Google Places

by Timothy West on February 6, 2012

Timothy West post on Google Places
I’m often asked how to utilize Google and the awesome tools that they provide. Specifically today I’m going to introduce you to Google Places. If you have a business of bricks and mortar make sure you have claimed your location using Google Places. Just type Google Places into Google and the page will come up. The things to ensure you do are the following:

  1. Make sure you type in the correct street address and postal code when filling out the form and double check the map
  2. Add your business category (multiple categories if you do more than one thing)
  3. Add up to 10 photos (add at least one!)
  4. Add a video! If you’re using¬†YouTube¬†make sure you grab the “long code” version of the link
  5. Finally request a postcard be sent and then went it is received there will be a special code, go back to Google Places and punch in the code and your Google Places page will be live

It’s so important to utilize the tools that Google has available. They’re just trying to make sure all the businesses are located, the information is relevant and can be found easily. By filling this information out about your business you can benefit from a free web page (that’s right Google Places is a Free website) and you benefit from the extra search benefits by being listed with Google.



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