Market Influencer – SEA Package

The purpose of the package is to strategically distribute relevant content to YOUR  audience in various channels on a weekly basis.

The result is that you will have a significant impact on Search, Engagement and Awareness of the product or service you provide.

This is a monthly package which  includes:

  • Distribution of your 4 episodes a month (one per week), to various channels (Including YouTube, Itunes, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Adding Intro and Outro Videos to each version.
  • Converting the video file to MP3 and Distributing the file to various channels (Including Itunes)
  • Embedding the videos onto you Blog Channel (up to three blog channels)
  • Adding still shots to the blog posts for each video and tagging them with the appropriate keywords (this really helps with Google Search)
N.B. An initial consultation is required to further discuss the process and to ascertain if there are other components that need to be addressed.
For example does the client have an optimized YouTube Channel, Facebook Account, Landing Page etc.


All you need to do is film four short videos (on an Iphone, video camera, smart phone),
and upload them to a shared  Dropbox folder on your desktop (super easy), and then include a description and title for each.

I look after the rest for YOU!

Fill out the form below to request a consultation with me, where we can discuss YOUR specific goals and requirements.

 To purchase this package at the low introductory Price of $397/month



You can cancel at anytime.

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