I really enjoy online marketing, and I love helping small business owners use it to grow and flourish. The world of internet marketing is exciting and fun if you know what you’re doing; a little (or a lot) scary and overwhelming if you don’t. There are so many resources available online, but most of them are not meant for small businesses. The time it takes to weed through this info and figure out what applies to you is no walk in the park.

If you’d rather skip the headaches and the long hours, and get advice and support that’s personalized for your business and your goals, you’re in the right place. Let my internet marketing know-how help get your business going in the right direction (or get going in the first place). Keep reading to find the right small business internet marketing package for you…

SEA-Market-Influencer-PackageThe Market Influencer – SEA Package
The purpose of the package is to strategically distribute relevant content to
YOUR  audience in various channels on a weekly basis.
The result is that you will have a significant impact on
SearchEngagement and Awareness of the product or service you provide.
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Help-Me-Now911 Emergency
If you have been directed here by me, click on the link below and select buy it now.
I will then receive an email which will prioritize you to the top of the list.
We can then arrange a time to meet online. (usually immediately).
On Skype or a Phone Call and I’ll do my best to help.
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Hire-Timothy-WestHire Me One-on-One
I am available for one-on-one online coaching and consulting.
Perhaps you require an analysis of your website and how to improve in the eyes of Google
or you are thinking of launching into a Facebook/Google marketing campaign.
If it’s online marketing and advertising that you need I know I can help direct you.
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15-Minutes-of-Help15 Minutes of Help
Need a quick fix on your website?
If it’s not a panic then this might be the one for you.
Purchasing this 15 minute package will automatically free up my next available time spot.
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