How to sell a trailer/car/boat in under 24 hours using Internet Marketing

by Timothy West on April 5, 2012

How to sell a trailer in 24 hours or less! or car or boat!

Some of the things I have learned so far from Online Marketing, has been the need for Google to find you quickly, what ever the service or product. Once found traffic will flow! To that end I was asked by my family to sell their travel trailer. I used a variety of websites and was able to get Google to rank my listings within 8 hours and had the trailer sold and off the driveway within 14 hours!

How did I do this? Here are the bullet points:

Checked the market for pricing

First I took about 36 photos and about 8 clips of video.

Made a short video, with a narration and uploaded it to Youtube

Uploaded the pictures to

Went to both Kijiji and Craigslist and uploaded a

Went to Squidoo and made a simple web page (with the Youtube video and pictures/description copied from the Kijiji Ad.

Uploaded the same info to Selling Cars website (personal blog page)

Uploaded the Youtube video and content to my selling cars Facebook page

and lastly uploaded the info to my personal Facebook page

Within 8 hours Google had found the video/listings and I was on page one for the search term and year of the trailer, in fact even though I have now deleted all the ads (I don’t want any more calls!), the links are still on Google!

It was a simple process but the end result was a focused marketing effort directed at a specific audience. Total cost around $20

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