How to get onto Page One of Google

by Timothy West on September 22, 2012

Here’s a short video on my experience helping clients achieve better rankings with Google. I can say that in my experience content that is relevant, updated regularly, and is of value to your customers will aid significantly in the improvement of your page rank.

Utilizing Google tools, (which are free!) is so important in your understanding of where your website is now. One of the obvious tools to use in Google Analytics. With Analytics installed you can measure your website’s traffic, engagement and many other metrics. Installing and updating your physical location on Google Maps is also really important for a traditional business.

I have found that videos hosted on YouTube pointing back to my posts specifically rather than just my home page has improved traffic significantly as well as updating blog posts with images and fresh unique content.

Basically, Google are clear, they want fresh relevant content, don’t try and game the system, just produce good useful content in a consistent way and your business should benefit from the results both on and offline.

What to do?

1. Maps
2. google tools analytics
3. content
4. video
5. Adwords

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