How to backup your files easily

by Timothy West on October 22, 2014

I have a rule, if it’s backed up once it doesn’t count. What I mean is that I have more than one backup of my files. All my photos and documents are backed up to a portable hard drive and backed up to the cloud. This means that in the unfortunate case of a massive hard drive failure, theft or fire I’m safe in the knowledge that my client files, websites and photos are all backed up and ready to be downloaded to the new computer. Remember it’s not if a hard drive fails it’s when!

I actually have been using a cloud backup service called Carbonite. I highly recommend them and if you decide to use them please do use this LINK here as they will give me a free month’s worth of hosting. (Not a huge deal but it can add up so it is appreciated).

Any questions on my experience using Carbonite please do ask below.

My wife’s computer did have a catastrophic failure and we were able to recover all her files (thank goodness) and Carbonite saved many hours of work, and stress.

Check them out by clicking here

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