Back Links for your website. What are Back Links and how can you create them?

by Timothy West on February 9, 2012

Back links are simply links from a blog post, website, video, tweet even that links back to your website. So why are back links important? Back links are important because Google as a part of the ranking system takes the number of back links coming to your site as credence that your site is valuable or relevant. You can cheat the system by buying back links in the thousands but if you get caught you’ll pay a high price by Google black listing you. The reality is that you want good quality back links from high powered blogs or articles this further improves your rankings with Google and in a Google world anything you can do to make Google happy is good for your website.

To start you can certainly do link exchanges with businesses and friends but to get some awesome back links perhaps write an article or submit a posting to a high traffic and therefore high ranking website or blog. Another way to add back links is to upload videos to a video sharing site (like Youtube) and in the description make sure you put the full website address. A tip I learned from one of my mentors was to have the first line of your Youtube videos actually be a proper URL.

For example: http://www.melissawest.comĀ 

This makes it easy for Youtube and therefore Google to find, index and add the back link as a positive credit score to your website.

Best of luck with your back links!

P.S. If you have any other questions about some of the words used in the Search Engine Optimization world , check out my other sites glossary page here…and guess what this is a back link! LOL

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